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St. Paul MN Water Damage Repair

by / Thursday, 15 August 2013 / Published in Storm Damage Repair

Last week Flint Brands was brought into a water damage claim by one of our exclusive contractors, Allied Construction Inc.

The homeowner is an elderly woman, and her previous contractor fouled the bathroom renovation and flooded the house on two levels. The water had been standing for a week or two prior to us arriving and is considered a category 3 water loss.

Interior water damage insurance claims are often some of the most complicated insurance claims. Fortunately, the homeowner chose a general contractor to handle the entire job instead of simply a dryout or water extraction company exclusively.

Flint Brands in conjunction with our client contractor, Allied Construction Inc properly identified and reported that the fittings in the bathroom were not to code and were actually the improper compression fittings used for application. The insurance company has been trying to prove the property had not been maintained blaming yhe homeowner for neglect. Further this insurance company was citing policy exclusions that did not provide coverage for city code upgrades. Under Mn law, an insurance company must honor and pay for code upgrades as required by state or city codes.

We were able to er authorization to demo the flooring down to the floor joists and setup drying and extraction equipment and performed demo from the first level down to the second level. Fortunately for this homeowner this process allows essentially a rebuild and Flint Brands with Allied Construction is looking forward to a smooth rebuild.

Flint Brands advises any insurance claim you use only a State licensed general contractor to complete all aspects of the job. We do not advise splitting the job up with multiple companies such as a water and dryout company only. We feel only a licensed general contractor specializing in water damage, hail damage, storm damage and insurance claim specific property insurance restoration utilizing Xactimate claims estimating software.

Insurance claims property restoration is a complicated process and it’s important to ensure you find an experienced ally.

Trust Flint Brands or any of our respected client contractors for your next insurance claim damage on your house.

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