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Website & SEO

So you want to drive traffic to your website?   The bottom line in web development in my opinion is you either pay for pay-per-click ads monthly or you pay for SEO services monthly or some combination of the two.  With Pay per click you set a monthly budget for example of $400 a month.  Click cost varies but typically in construction it’s around $4.00 a click or per lead.  Was it a competitor or a 10 year old hitting buttons?  It’s tough to say but you’ll pay for it.  The problem I see with per click campaigns is that if business is ever slow or tight is the time when you need as many clicks as possible yet you may not be able to afford the program.

SEO is your next option?  Search Engine Optimization drives traffic naturally so long as your site has been coded on the front end to be a worthy SEO site and also what the content is you have on your site. You will need dozens of articles, posts and pages on your site with content that is written with SEO intent and coded with SEO metadata.  In other words write with the words people will use to find you, and routinely use them in your website pages.  We write and take care of the coding.  What we write is ours, what your write is yours.  Typically SEO companies do much of the writing for you on a monthly basis and they will usually rebuild and recode your site.  Setup ranges from $3,000-$6,000 and ongoing monthly charges range from $800-$1,500 a month under an annual contract.

Flint Brands handles all web, design and ongoing writing of pages, posts and articles designed to drive traffic to your site.  Further we deploy a system in which each of our client contractors can contribute to their own website using easily from your computer or phone without being a programmer.   We’ll take care of all the rest.

Our website program works as follows:

Phase 1 – We charge a basic charge of $1,500 for your site that’s ready for SEO, and ready for you as an owner to contribute to your site.

Phase 2 – SEO is phase 2.  We provide this portion at no charge to our clients as a huge value added service.  All sales leads coming in from the site will be considered a Flint Brands lead and sale.  We’ll go back through your site and code all images, articles, add meta descriptions etc designed to make sure the site is found.  Further we will add your site to our directory network of informational sites designed to drive traffic to your site.  We’ll also deploy a linkbuilding strategy on over 100 referral sites such as yext, merchant circle etc.  Linkbulding is an important SEO component.

Exit Phase – As you can see it is possible that Flint Brands could possibly spend hundreds and hundreds of hours on your site in the hope leads are generated.  It’s the only way we can recoup our investment in you.  If one of our client contractors terminated their membership early, say just when the website is producing $100,000 a month, we could potentially be on the hook for losing the opportunity to recover our costs.  We had to consider charging our client contractors similar to SEO monthy charges however, for many contractors, this is just not an option as it costs alot of money.

We’ve solved this with the concept of embedded articles.  Over the years, we write ongoing articles and create instructional videos and we post these on our own servers at Flint Brands.  By becoming a member contractor, we provide access to all of this and we embed our marketing assets into your site and our Flint Brands directory sites.  It is these articles and videos that are the core of what drives traffic.  Upon exit, these embed links are removed or we can provide a monthly option to continue to enjoy the lead generation benefit.  This way, Flint Brands is assured to recover our investment in our contractors.