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Strategic Marketing

We work closely with you to determine and understand your specific company objectives. Every contractor need is different.  Whether your goal is accellerated sales growth or possibly a retirement strategy that allows your company to continue to function and operate we can help.

We’ve worked with some of the largest fortune 500 companies in the U.S. and  with over 20 years of strategic planning experience and business management behind us, we’ll make sure you know your vision, but also achieve it.

Today’s conrtactor in Minnesota must be aware of the markets they serve such as commercial or residential, new construction or remodeling, or insurance property damage.  How does seasonality fit in?    For most contractor’s, seasonality can be the difference between success or failure.  We have ideas, suggestions and programs we will present to you that can overcome the low times in the winter and set up better for a large influx of work in the Spring.

Strategic planning is understanding your current position, and determining your business needs and establishing goals or objectives for the next 30 days, 60 days, 90 days out for the next 1 year.  If we know you need 5,000 brochures to support spring storms, it’s probably bext to calendar it back for creative, writing, printing and shipping to ensure you have materials when you need them.

Sales Generation >>

Let’s face it, recruiting salespeople and project managers into a temporary position and a business that requires extensive knowledge is not advisable.  High turnover rates in construction saespeople and project managers mean that most inevitably lose their valuable salespeople.

Here is the typical value proposition contractor’s offer on Craigslist and other classified postings.  It essentially says, “Come work for us on straight commission with no guarantees.  Bring your own car, cell phone, internet, gas, time and money and you won’t earn anything for about 90-120 days.  Then pay is withheld until the salesrep also an independent contractor, provides proof of insurance and workers compensation coverage or spend $1,000 or your first earnings to get it.  And you wonder why recruitment and retention is a problem?

At Flint Brands we’ve developed an established sales team ready to represent you.  We only run our own team under our own system but we’d be happy to train and manage your force as well if you already have one.

Insurance Agents – Insurance agents can often be an excellent source of referrals.  However, these referrals are very difficult to obtain and require an ongoing personal relationship is maintained by sales reps.  Our sales reps actively work a list of several thousand insurance agents under a well planned approach.  We take care of everything.  Our team will present you to our list of agents along with our other client contractors.  We also market ourselves directly as Flint Brands, a construction management company representing a small list of prestigious contractors.  Our agents appreciate the availability of choice and the neutrality of our sales reps.