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Project Management

Project management is a critical component of construction insurance restoration.  Many contractors over the years have relied on Craigslist to recruit temporary salespeople or project managers during a busy storm response season to respond to the need.  The job description requires a full time trained professional as navigating insurance reconstruction and escrow funds restrictions are complicated.  It’s essential project managers and salespeople alike have can represent your company professionally.

Flint Brands understands this failing dynamic.  Insurance restoration requires extensive knowledge by the project managers in the field and they are expected by homeowners to have the answers. Insurance restoration jobs are typically open for 3 months or more before final billing and are administratively intensive. Temporary people are not feasible and often can’t follow through with the entire process.  This means that the individual contractor or restoration company must rely on the few people around them to manage the hundreds of jobs that just came in.  Both from the getting the work done perspective and also the sales/project management needs.  Flint Brands acts as an on demand overflow to assist contractors with the critical resources they need to keep the homeowner happy.  Contractors with our system can offload a job here and there to us, several jobs or hundreds if they choose.  We represent each contractor fairly, always ethically, professionally and confidentially.  We are an extension of the contractor and of course,  ALL work is contracted and owned directly by our client contractors.

Our full service project management approach ensures well trained project managers, keeps homeowners up to date in real time and is designed to ensure a smooth process from start to finish for both the homeowner and contractor.  We have complete insurance including workers comp and business liability insurance so our client contractors can legitimately write our services off as an outside company which means we pay our taxes, not you.

Flint Brands provides our project managers with a complete mobile based project management system so we stay on top of your job.  We also make all the details available to homeowners so they can check anytime they want to see what the latest news is on their job online.  It’s updated in real time.  All your pictures, documents, invoices, insurance claim reports, subcontractor estimates and invoices are all attached to the job for easy reference including notes by the office, subs, insurance company etc.

For some jobs, we handle billing, estimating and invoicing only.  Others are turned over to us to manage throughout until completion.  We have a means to accommodate the needs of lost contractors because we understand your business is unique to your own vision and goals.

Education is key to a smooth project.  The insurance claim process coupled with mortgage escrow restrictions and requirements coupled with new State legislation is while difficult to understand, quite standardized.  It’s also difficult if not impossible to do anything other than follow along with the claim process.  Homeowners looking to get the best value and service must understand the process as well to some extent to ensure success or they will work against themselves in their own claim if they are unaware of what we all know as the standard insurance cycle and process.  We provide complete training for our salespeople, project managers, our client contractors and homeowners alike.

“If everyone understands what’s happening, understands the system and works as a team, the process can and will go very smoothly for all.”

–Darryn Flint, Flint Brands, President.