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IT Services

Flint Brands is here to provide full support and consulting for our client contractors.  We understand you are busy building, remodeling and mired in the mountains of technical detail thrown at you.  What to choose?  How much to spend?  We’ll help you answer all of those questions and plan a way to use technology to your advantage and streamline your business.  It can be done if you create a system that works easily and affordably. Or just use ours at Flint Brands. It’s ready right now.

Well there’s many services out there to help you fix your computers. That’s just one aspect.  Computers and devices are expensive and you have so many options to choose from when it comes to your computer, phones and tablets.

Are you thinking about buying your own server?  Or setting up your own e-mail?  Are you considering or already using Microsoft Exchange Server?  You may already be using a hosted solution like Godaddy.

Are you struggling getting your contacts, calendars,notes, categories etc. in and out of Outlook between Mac and PC, Iphone, Android, Windows phone etc?

Active Directory, LDAP, CALDav, Webdav and other data exchange technologies can be difficult to understand. You don’t have to understand it, we do.

E-mail – POP3, IMAP, Microsoft Exchange Server, relays explained.

Website – PHP, SQL, Ruby on Rails, Python, HTML5, CSS utilized.

Video – Mpeg2, Mpeg4, AVCHD, FLV, WMV, AVI, Quicktime HTML5, Flash.  Codecs and conversions can take hours to render various formats and difficult to understand the relationship between file size, quality and user connection speeds. Don’t forget to take into account what device is being used.  Phone or desktop, 3G or WIFI. We take care of it.

Computers – Mac, PC

Tablets & phones – Iphone, Android, Windows, Ipad, Galaxy etc.

Our ongoing investment into research and development routinely explores ever changing technologies. We test, assess and refine and utilize technologies that make good business sense. We toss out the rest and what doesn’t work.