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Insurance Claims

Property insurance claims is very complicated and it’s simply ridiculous to expect a new trainee to understand what’s happening let alone explain it to a homeowner.  Our very highly trained salesforce is routinely trained on the insurance claims process.  We understand and can explain, and further provide our clients with access to detailed video information that clearly explains the claims process.

Typical insurance claims take 90-120 days to complete.  While the roof and siding work may actually be started and complete within just 1 week, it’s still a 90-120 days job.  Why?

Many homeowners ask us, “I need an estimate”, but I don’t want to sign anything.  It’s critical that everyone undertsand this is not a remodeling project where typically the contractor receives 50% down, and the remainder the day the job is complete a few days later.  There’s very little paperwork and as such, these jobs are priced accordingly for remodeling.

Insurance claims estimating can be a long process to provide to the insurance company the specifics of what they need in order to approve the scope of work.  Often multiple subcontractor estimates must be obtained per each trade, often materials must be substantiated by 3rd party labs such as ITEL, often, it can take several weeks including a second adjuster visit to get to an agreeable price and scope of work.  We have to explain clearly this is an extensive amount of time and work to do this and we in no circumstances will perform these services unless hired under contract to complete the job.  We will provide an initial consultation and do all we can to earn your business but we stop at the line of when it’s considered working on the job.  This is a critical concept to understand and one of the reasons homeowners get frustrated with a contractor that will not provide an estimate under an insurance claim when not under an agreement.

Our sales reps are trained and have access to a full set of online training materials for continuing education.  We know our senior reps must fully understand the process including mortgage escrow requirements, how checks are disbursed from both insurance and mortage escrow so they can properly inform the customer.

It’s safe to assume most homeowners are always under the impression, “my contractor isn’t doing anything”. Well ok sometimes that might be true, but never with the contractors represented by Flint Brands. We’ll prove it! Every homeowner will be given online access to their own project management record. This system is updated in real time by our salespeople, project managers, office, managers, subcontractors, materials vendors with both computer and mobile access. You can see all your project specifics, pictures, what communications have been happening, faxes sent on your behalf or incoming faxes received associated with your job. You can interact directly with your salesrep via your mobile or simple web browser. You’ll be surprised all that REALLY IS happening in the background. It’s an enormous amount of paperwork, documentation, details and coordination.