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If you are requesting ice dam removal services, please note that we require a 2 hour minimum.

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Graphic Design & Print

With over 20 years in graphic design and high level print purchasing we offer full service graphic design for high quality offset printing.

This is one of the core services we offer our client contractors.  We offer:

Logo design

Server access to your approved marketing pieces.

Designers rarely offer anything other than design.  They typically do not understand the specifics of your business or industry as a contractor.  As a previous general contractor, Flint Brands understands your position well as a contractor.  As a full service agency, we have your business objectives in mind from the start.  We help our client contractors to brand their company and communicate their message to customers easily.  We provide the writing, creation of logos, brochures, ads, advertising media purchasing and planning and all the rest.

If you are a contractor specializing in insurance restoration, last minute creation of flyers, brochures or yard signs is not advised.  We’ll help you plan your season and ensure you have what you need when you need it.  Of course for the last minute stuff, there’s nothing better than having your designer ready at a moments notice.

Flint Brands has built up a graphical library we can draw from with respect to storm damage photos, vector illustrations and other items you’d typically spend $250 on up for a basic membership on any variety of the least expensive stock photo websites.  Remember that most designers charge their fee plus art so stock imagery can become quite expensive.

Fortunately, as a full service agency, all artwork created for print is converted and made available for use in multimedia, web and video formats.  Marketing assets are expensive to create so it’s important to utilize what has already been created.  Thinking about the beginning of the process, it’s important to create these assets in the beginning so it’s possible to repurpose.  This has to be planned into the approach in the beginning or it will cost you later.