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Ice Dam Removal Minneapolis MN

by / Tuesday, 26 November 2013 / Published in Ice Dam Removal

Roof Snow and Ice Dam Removal Minneapolis MN

Flint Brands provides professional roof snow and ice dam removal services in the Minneapolis Minnesota area. We use commercial, low pressure, high temperature steamers specifically designed to remove ice and snow safely without causing damage to your roof.

Minneapolis Ice Dam Removal Company

It is important to have the snow and ice dam removed from your roof, or water can start leaking through. Water can cause serious damage to interior walls, floors, insulation and other various items.

As a full service contractor, we also restore water damage that has occurred as a result of the ice dam. We provide interior sheetrock, painting, insulation, trimwork, windows and flooring services. We also work directly with your insurance company to ensure the process goes smoothly.

Minneapolis Ice Dam Removal Services

You can trust Flint Brands to professionally remove ice dams or snow from your Minneapolis home. It is important that you hire a professional ice dam removal company so they get the job done right without causing damage to your roof. We use only the best tools and professionally trained staff so that we can guarantee the job gets done right.

Preventing Ice Dams in Minneapolis

The most common preventative measures taken to avoid ice dams to your Minneapolis home include, insulation, gap sealing, and ventilation. There are times when roof systems need to be modified in order to keep ice dams from being a problem. Other times, heat tapes may be the solution. For long-term ice dam prevention, we will have to find the root of the problem and fix it.

Flint Brands has the experience and the resources to help prevent and eliminate ice dams. We want to prevent you from having unnecessary home repairs that can be costly. Ice dam removal in Minneapolis is our specialty and our goal is to have 100% satisfied customers.



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