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If you are requesting ice dam removal services, please note that we require a 2 hour minimum.

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About Us

We are Minnesota construction management experts

Minnesota Construction Management Flint Brands Minnesota Construction Management serves our Minnesota client contractors in almost every facet of their operations. We’re proud to say we carefully choose our contractors as much as they carefully choose us.

Today’s contractor in Minnesota typically consists of just the owner or a few people. They are overburdened by paperwork, licensing, continuing education and typically have only basic operational procedures in place. Insurance restoration contractors in particular have to deal with very complex jobs that last several months, these jobs must be funded and are administratively complicated.

Flint Brands Minnesota Construction Management brings to today’s contractor, some of the vital services necessary for success. These services are often unaffordable without a team of people ready for the task. A construction company is a complicated enterprise Flint Brands Minnesota Construction Management knows well after 6 years operating as a general contractor that specialized in insurance restoration.

Minnesota Construction Management Contractor Services

We provide our own sales team, processes, procedures, marketing, web development and other lead generation tools designed to drive sales, wow clients and keep you the contractor looking sharp as a razor. We are constantly updating our software and web strategies while engaging in multiple areas of marketing. By working with us you’ll receive the benefits our workflow provides while you’re a Flint Brands Minnesota Construction Management client.

Homeowners can rest assured that they receive the very best in service from their contractors, check out our testimonials to hear what customers have to say about us.



  • Best in class customer service
  • Experts in Minnesota construction management.
  • We offer total operational Minnesota construction management
  • Happier homeowners means more business and referrals

After running a successful 23 person employed construction company and handling over 1500 claims, I’ve seen it all in insurance restoration. The claims process is complicated yet quite standardized if handled properly. Many homeowners are unaware of the differences in insurance restoration vs. standard remodeling and don’t realize how important it is to choose an experienced restoration contractor. I’ve found that by following a very specific approach that all insurance claims can always run seamlessly so long as the homeowner and contractor understand what’s happening. Communication is critical, customer service is essential and making yourself available in case of emergency is a must. Homeowners utilizing Flint Brand’s and our client contractors are in very very capable hands. It is our mission at Flint Brands to improve the industry, continue to work cooperatively with the MN Department of Commerce and MN Department of Labor including the legislature to streamline and shorten the insurance reconstruction cycle.


Over 7 Years Experience

We have over 7 years of experience in the insurance claims reconstruction and restoration business. Our team has handled over 1500 claims and know the business well. Hail damage roofing or hail damage siding to water extraction and dryout, trust Flint Brands and the contractors we manage to handle everything for you.

We Utilize Xactimate For All Jobs

Xactimate is the gold standard in claims estimating software and the software 99% of insurance companies and adjusters use. It is the software used to generate the claims settlement report the adjuster provides. The estimate is determined by a fixed pricing system ensuring that the only obligation the homeowner has is their deductible. These estimates take alot of time to write and it is company policy that our client contractors are hired prior to working for you at this stage. These services are only provided to customers.

Custom Project Management Solutions

We use custom project management solutions that allow us to manage jobs very efficiently. The homeowner, contractor, sales rep, project managers, workers, vendors all interact so our information is handled in real time with less mistakes and current information. The result for the homeowner is blue chip service. The result for the contractor is blue chip service and positive referrals of a job well done.

We Manage All Projects Down To Every Detail

Every linear foot every square foot and every specific detail of evry job is painstakingly captured and entered into your project record including a list of your specific needs as a homeowner. Our attention to detail is second to none and we pride ourselves on offering a level of service second to none.

We Handle Both Exterior & Interior Work

Most contractors ony handle roofing, siding or only the exterior. Flint Brands variety of client contractors specialize in all areas of construction and can easily build new from the ground up even in the event of a total loss form a tornado. Homeowners should know that contractors that handle the interior and the exterior are a good sign that the contractor is a specialist in the insrance restoration industry. Contractors can not in most cases run an al year round business maintaing overhead if they do not handle water damage. Call us in the wintertime if you have ice dams! We'll remove the glacier from your home, the lake in your basement and finish everything down to the last paint stroke.



Claims Handled


Happy Customers

Frequently Asked Questions

We don't just accept any contractor to join our preferred network, we have a stringent screening process to only accept the best contractors. A project manager is assigned to each individual contractor to oversee and handle all aspects of the job.

No we are not. Our client contractors are the State licensed general contractor. Flint Brands is their full service management company handling all operational management and customer service. This has many advantages over working with just a contractor. We assign a project manager team to each job so you can expect someone to be there and answer your questions anytime all the time. Homeowners will find an unparalled level of service while still maintaining a direct relationship with the contractor.

No we are not, we represent the general contractor. By state law a general contractor cannot be both a licensed contractor and licensed adjuster. Also, we represent you the homeowner and it would be a conflict of interest if we were both. Therefore, if you need a public adjuster, such as if your job needs to go to an appraisal process. We can refer you to a variety of very good independent public adjusters you can hire directly.

If we do not explicitly have the service you are looking for listed on our website, feel free to contact us. Usually we we will find a way to accommodate you.